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Gehry’s Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas as a Housing Critique

Yael Allweil

Yael Allweil BArch PhD is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at Technion, Israel, where she heads HousingLab: History and Future of Living. She completed her PhD in architecture history at UC Berkeley exploring the history of Israel-Palestine as a history of the gain and loss of citizen housing. Her research was published in the monograph Homeland: Zionism as Housing Regime 1860-2011 (Routledge 2017) and several journal articles in Urban Studies, Footprint, Architecture Beyond Europe, City, TDSR and IJIA. Yael is co-chair of the research group ‘Re-Theorizing Housing as Architecture’ at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) in Jerusalem 2019-2020. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Architecture Thinking across Boundaries : Knowledge Transfers since the 1960s

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2021

Book chapter

...Focusing on contemporary built starchitecture as a neglected vehicle of architectural theory, this chapter looks into the “routes of knowledge” expressed by built form in conversation with the textual search of disciplinary autonomy...