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Studios: Live (Red) Matter; Matisse’s L’Atelier Rouge

Domestic Interiors : Representing Homes from the Victorians to the Moderns

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...Method Matters Since its creation in 1911, Henri Matisse’s l’Atelier Rouge (The Red Studio) has been the subject of criticism amongst art historians, most of whom attempt to contextualize its meaning and mastery (or lack thereof...

An Unknown Object of Four Dimensions

The Banham Lectures : Essays on Designing the Future

Berg, 2009

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...Editor’s note: What follows is a typotranslation by Richard Hamilton and Ecke Bonk of Marcel Duchamp’s notes in the infinitive translated from the French by Jackie Matisse, Richard Hamilton and Ecke Bonk. The talk was not written...

Performing Abroad: British Tourists in Italy and their Practices, 1840–1914

Architecture and Tourism : Perception, Performance and Place

Berg, 2004

Book chapter

...An earlier version of parts of this chapter appeared in Journeys: an International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, 2000; vol. 1, issues 1/2.Allen wrote a series of historical guides to Europe's leading cultural centers in which...