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  • Alvar Aalto
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Project Rhythms: Álvaro Siza’s Swimming Pools at Leça da Palmeira

David Leatherbarrow

David Leatherbarrow is Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has taught architectural design, history, and theory since 1984. He lectures widely and holds guest professorships in Denmark and China. His previous publishing includes 20th Century Architecture, Architecture Oriented Otherwise, Topographical Stories, Surface Architecture (with Mohsen Mostafavi), Uncommon Ground, Roots of Architectural Invention, and On Weathering: The Life of Buildings in Time. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Building Time : Architecture, Event, and Experience

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2021

Book chapter

...At every moment of the present there is always a hidden element whose emergence could alter everything: this is dizzy-making thought, but one which gives us comfort.Álvaro Siza, Leça da Palmeira Pools, Porto, preliminary sketch. Courtesy...

Città dei Morti

Modern Architecture and the Sacred : Religious Legacies and Spiritual Renewal

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020

Book chapter

...In a poem that he wrote in 1958, the Finnish modernist poet Pertti Nieminen remarked: ‘Few read / the epitaph engraved in the wind.’ Pertti Nieminen, Uurnat. Runoja (Helsinki: Otava, 1958), 39. Like epitaphs engraved in the wind, Alvar...