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Tatami Tastes

Inge Daniels

Inge Daniels is Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews

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The Japanese House : Material Culture in the Modern Home

Berg, 2010

Book chapter

...From Male To Female Domestic Taste Clarke, ‘Taste Wars and Design Dilemmas’ The assertion of an aesthetic judgment is not simply that of the autonomous agent but most...

Charles Moore’s Perspecta Essays: Towards Postmodern Eclecticism

Mediated Messages : Periodicals, Exhibitions and the Shaping of Postmodern Architecture

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018

Book chapter

...Eclecticism is the degree zero of contemporary general culture: one listens to reggae, watches a western, eats McDonald’s food for lunch and local cuisine for dinner, wears Paris perfume in Tokyo and ‘retro’ clothes in Hong Kong; knowledge...

Continuity and Resistance: Designed Before 1932, Completed Down the Decade

Danilo Udovicki-Selb

Danilo Udovicki-Selb holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is Professor of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Soviet Architectural Avant-Gardes : Architecture and Stalin’s Revolution from Above, 1928–1938

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020

Book chapter

...On April 23, 1932, the Central Committee issued the fateful Postanovlenie “Ob Perestrojke LITHUDORG” (About the Reconstruction of Literary and Artistic Organizations), which targeted the independent art societies, including architecture...

Demographics and Identity

The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...Demographic data comes from the division of a population into fine gradations of difference that can be measured, correlated, and recombined to understand trends. Spending patterns based on economic level, or spending patterns in visible...