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Learning as it grows: the humanization of objects

Assa Ashuach

Founded in London in 2003, Assa Ashuach Studio works closely with R&D and business innovation units of companies such as Samsung, Nike, and Panasonic, among others, and public institutions such as the UK Government Technology & Strategy Board, the Science Museum, the Design Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum on design technology for social and cultural progress. Ashuach’s work focuses on three main areas: (1) industrial research and product design consultancy in digital design and manufacturing methods, specializing in SLS polyamides and DMLS metal alloys within a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies, offering codesign and user interaction coding of dedicated 3D design and engineering tools as part of the studio’s unique innovative methodologies; (2) design and manufacturing of lifestyle products, such as footwear, mobile phones, shaving devices, lighting and furniture, among others; and (3) self-production of limited edition studio pieces, using new design and production methods. At the center of the studio’s developments is the virtual ‘life’ of an object before it is physically produced. Opened to the user’s input, the digital object can be produced using a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies (widely known as 3D printing) with a mixture of mass production solutions. Aesthetics, adaptation and reconfiguration of forms are considered elements in flux within this new product design workflow. Assa Ashuach is also a founder of the technology company Digital Forming. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Mass customization and design democratization

Routledge, 2019

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... LEARNING AS IT GROWS: THE HUMANIZATION OF OBJECTS ASSA ASHUACH 7 0 Ashuach.indd 7 201-10-1 9:50 PM production and millions of affordable and identical methodologies to enable semi-autonomous products, which turned us into mass...