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Monitoring Building Performance: How can Behaviour and Technology Changes Combine to Improve Environmental Performance?

Craig Roussac

Craig Roussac directs the Investa Sustainability Institute’s programme of action research for sustainability in the built environment through collaborations with leading universities and research institutions. He also works for Investa Property Group, one of Australia’s largest and most respected owners of commercial property where he has responsibility for the sustainability, safety and environmental management platforms. Craig has a longstanding interest in energy and buildings and is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney in the Architectural Science discipline. His primary research interest is in how technologies and non-technological factors can combine to achieve significant greenhouse gas emission reductions from the operation of buildings. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Sustainable Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings : Warm Climates

Routledge, 2013

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... MONITORING BUILDING PERFORMANCE How can behaviour and technology changes combine to improve environmental peformance? Craig Roussac Imagine walking into a supermarket to buy groceries and finding no cash registers, and no price tags...