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Hybridity, hegemony and design in a globalized economy

Karen Fiss

Karen Fiss is Professor of Design at California College of the Arts. Her research examines the history of ‘nation branding’ in the production of visual culture, from the rise of the nation-state to its current role in shaping the social, artistic and built environment of emerging economies. Her most recent book is Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the cultural Seduction of France, published by the University of Chicago Press (2010). The study examines related developments across fine arts, film, architecture and mass pageantry in order to illuminate the role of National Socialist propaganda in the French decision to ignore Hitler’s war preparations and pursue an untenable policy of appeasement. She also recently co-edited, with Hazel Clark, a special volume of the journal Design Issues on globalization, post-colonialism and design (summer 2009). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Design and Ethics : Reflections on Practice

Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business, 2012

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... 2 5 3 4 5111 HYBRIDITY, HEGEMONY AND 6 7 DESIGN IN A GLOBALIZED 8 ECONOMY 9 1011 1 Karen Fiss1 2 3111 4 5 6 7 8111 One of the dominating themes in the field of design and ethics for a better part of 9 the last decade has been the inherent...