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From Production to Consumption in Twentieth-Century Design

The Banham Lectures : Essays on Designing the Future

Berg, 2009

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... different Banhams.’ Penny Sparke (ed.), Reyner Banham: Design by Choice ( London : Academy Editions, 1981), p.7....

Paradise in the Parlor: Cozy Corners and Potted Palms in Western Interiors, 1880–1900

Oriental Interiors : Design, Identity, Space

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

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... style at Orton Hall, Peterborough. Photograph: Penny Sparke. In Liverpool, for example, one of the country’s most important ports at which numerous merchant ships arrived filled with imported plants, the Isla Gladstone conservatory...

Taste and Trends

The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

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... especially by architects. See Penny Sparke, As Long As It’s Pink: The Sexual Politics of Taste (London: Pandora, 1995). Indeed, the gap that developed through the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century...