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The city in the fabric of eco-social interdependence

Yrjö Haila

Yrjö Haila is Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Tampere since 1995. He studied ecological zoology, with philosophy as secondary subject, at the University of Helsinki and defended his PhD thesis in 1983. Later he focused on ecological changes in environments intensively modified by humans, such as cities and commercially managed forests, and more theoretically on the nature–society interface. Yrjö has published Humanity and Nature with Richard Levins, published by Pluto Press in 1992, and How Nature Speaks: The Dynamics of the Human Ecological Condition which he co-edited with Chuck Dyke, published by Duke University Press in 2006, and several books in Finnish. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Second Nature Urban Agriculture : Designing Productive Cities

Routledge, 2014

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... eco-social interdependence Yrjö Haila The material success of humanity presents us with a insight that the exclusively human skills rise into focus. range of perplexing questions, but the most perplex- What is specific to humans...