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Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture 21st Edition

Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture 21st Edition

Managing Editor: Catherine Gregg

Editor(s): Murray Fraser

Produced in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the University of London, the landmark new edition of this iconic reference work includes:

  • The first full re-write since Banister Fletcher was alive, with updates by over 100 experts
  • A global focus, reflecting the latest scholarship in global architectural history
  • Unparalleled detail on the world’s architecture from pre-history to the present day
  • Fully searchable through the entire platform and within chapters
  • Two volumes, seven parts and 102 chapters that clearly divide 6,000 years of architecture by cultural contexts, with resources and technologies for easy comparative analysis
  • Descriptions of thousands of major buildings, accompanied by over 2,200 photographs, drawings, and building plans including new and original material

Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design Cover

Scholarly eBook Collection

Bloomsbury Architecture Library features over 40 eBooks from a fast-growing, forward-thinking list of architecture books on topics ranging from architecture and architectural history, to theory, design, urbanism, landscape, and interiors. The collection features leading scholars and books that appeal to all levels, from introductory texts for students, to guides for practising architects and designers.

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Building Page

Building Pages

Individual building pages bring together the most essential information about the world's most important buildings all in one place.

These pages include a building's location, dates, architects/designers, building type and key materials. It also includes images and short descriptive text, plus useful links through to the rest of the resource.

Glossary Cover

Sir Banister Fletcher Glossary

From abacus to ziyada, the Sir Banister Fletcher Glossary contains over 900 key architectural terms, clearly explained and defined. Taken from Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture, the glossary covers a complete range of technical, design, and historical terms, including non-English language vocabulary, and serves both as a core reference resource and an invaluable primer to enhancing the reader’s understanding of global architectural history.